Pennsylvania Power and Light (PP&L) “How Conquering the Andes Illuminated the Jungles of Peru.”
Helping Build a Smaller, Wiser World.” ­Advertisement in Energy User News June 2000
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It was a task noteworthy for overcoming several insurmountable obstacles—a PPL trademark—thereby providing electricity to a region that desperately needed a reliable source of power. A 250-mile transmission line as constructed that stretched from Aguaytia, in the central jungle region of Peru, all the way to the coast north of Lima.

It took 14 months, $282 million and the inspiration, ingenuity and dogged stamina of hundreds. We waited for the heavens to open and the rains (40 feet in 3 months) to raise the Amazon; only then could barges loaded with turbines and generators float upriver to Pucallpa.

After the mud dried, we built roads and hauled the equipment as far as truck, mule and man would go. Then carried the lines across the Andes soaring 12,000 feet, across crests battered by high winds, ran them down into remote valleys and basins, pushed through the garua, the heavy mist, and traversed the Atacama desert and its searing heat.

Always avoiding Incan ruins. Always ecologically sound. There are issues in our own backyard that loom as daunting as the Andes: deregulation, logistics, the environment, energy efficiencies. If we can conquer the Peruvian landscape, it stands to reason we can help solve your problems right here at home.

We’re one of the largest national and global resource and delivery companies in the world with the wherewithal to plan, execute and manage an entire operation. We modernize Egypt’s Aswan High Dam, energize Chile’s distribution lines, operate power plants in Spain, conserve energy in the Philippines, and help Ukraine’s power suppliers function in a free-market economy.

We deliver on our power. We deliver on our promises. So today, the villages in the densest jungle of Peru and the towns along its crowded coastline are supplied PPL electricity all year round.
How else could they get a glass of cold milk?