Is efficient sufficient? (no)

The case for shifting our emphasis in energy specifications to progressive efficiency and sufficiency

Chris Calwell
eceee workshop
May 18, 2010

In an Era of Climate Constraints, We Need Wiser Energy Policies to Ensure That Total Energy Use Drops, Even as Products Get Bigger, More Powerful, and More Numerous

The volume of the atmosphere is fixed. So, increasing annual carbon emissions lead to rising CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere that persist for a century or more. Those, in turn, lead to higher global temperatures, which trigger major environmental impacts

It will be expensive and slow to convert the multiĀ­?trillion dollar global energy infrastructure to energy sources that do not emit CO2. So, we face a near-term limit on absolute energy consumption.

The McKinsey Study Finds Energy Efficiency Will Be the Biggest Source of CO2 Savings

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