Important Notice about Energy Efficiency

By Andrew Rudin
Jan 23, 2015

Please read this summary carefully before adopting energy efficiency.
Energy efficiency has become very popular. Before adopting It, please read these details.

What is energy efficiency?
Energy efficiency describes the ratio of benefits derived from an end use of energy to the input of energy to obtain those benefits from that end use. When applied in specific products, the one with the same or more benefits is deemed more efficient than a similar one with fewer benefits, given the same or less input of energy into each.

if you are dissatisfied with the energy end uses in your life, such as comfort, light and/or motor power, energy efficiency may be able in provide you with the same or more end uses with the same or less energy input.

Who should not adopt energy efficiency?
Do not adopt energy efficiency:

if you are satisfied with your life
if you use less than average energy, or if you enjoy a low energy lifestyle with more time to do what makes you, your family and friends happy.

What should I tell my health care provider before becoming energy efficient?

Explain to your health care provider any problems you have with obesity, muscle atrophy, dissatisfaction with your life, lack of friends and poor family relationships.

These are all symptoms of a high-energy lifestyle. Energy efficiency will do little to solve these problems and may even increase their severity.

How do I become energy ef?cient?

It Is best to become dissatisfied with the existing benefits from your energy end use, while at the same time becoming greedy for higher quality benefits from your end uses. For example, if you have a mere cellphone, you should begin to desire a smartphone. You should want LED lighting because your friends and neighbors will see that you are technically up to date.

What should I avoid while becoming energy efficient?

Do not keep energy inefficient technology near you. Landfill It instead.
Do not spend any time with Amish people because their lifestyle requires them to not own or drive cars and to be connected in a utility grid. They believe that such practices harm their family and social structures. You should not read your utility meters. Trust the energy efficiency experts instead. This is simpler and more practical.

What are the possible side effects of energy efficiency?

You may become lethargic, gain weight, spend more time in front of very large screen televisions, get neck strain from bending over to see your smartphone screen, cause injury to passengers and others while texting and needlessly spending money on the latest, most efficient products. You may become dissatisfied with everything because you may think of them as less energy efficient prototypes of future, more efficient technology.