Vienne, Veronique. The Art of Doing Nothing
New York: 1998
ISBN 0609600745

Page 73

Learn to hold your liquor—literally.

How you hold a glass of wine can make the difference between staying sober and getting buzzed. Borrow a couple of tricks from wine-tasting pros and you’ll never have to call a cab to go home and apologize to your host the next day.

Always raise your glass in front of your eyes before you begin to drink. Sit straight, breathe easy, and make a silent toast to Bacchus, god of inebriety your adversary for the evening. Don’t cling to your glass. Keep a respectful distance. When you are not drinking, the edge of your glass should be at least eight inches from the tip of your nose.

Never look up at the ceiling when you drink. Look through the glass, straight into the room. Every so often, bring the glass to your lips, tilt it, inhale the aroma—but don’t drink. Don’t ever take a mindless swing. Taste the wine as you swallow. The secret to remaining sober is to appreciate what you drink.