The Shopper Report, “Salty Snacks Need a New Name”
February 1988
“ExpecPage 3, tations of Efficiency”
Page 3

Today’s consumers want to shop with less time and hassle. They count on high technology and computer supported services to smooth out stress producing situations and to support reduced hassle lifestyles and shopping styles. Computer clicks, beeps, and whirrs have become sounds of security that signal that things are working.

Automatic teller machines that provide 24 hour clickety-click access to checking and saving accounts have become routine and reliable facts of life. Supermarket scanners, where every click means another successful scan, have become faster and more efficient.

The proportion of scan failures and time consuming price lookups seems to be diminishing. Thanks to VCR’s, TV shows can be taped for viewing at the consumers’ instead of the presenters’ convenience.

Thanks to microwaves, hot foods can be speedily zapped without watching over them to make sure they don’t burn and without even bothering with a pot.

Given all this speed and efficiency, consumers are becoming more critical and even arrogant about the sloppy systems and human factor inefficiencies they find in many retail operations. They are increasingly shopping at stores that provide more services and fewer hassles.