Huber, Peter W.   Hard Green
New York: 1999
ISBN 0465031129

Page xxv

The Softs maintain that efficiency is environmentally frugal. They believe that human privation promotes environmental wealth, even if they rarely dare say so directly. Softs are sure that efficiency alone will do much to save the environment: efficient furnaces and cars, efficient refrigerators and lightbulbs, even efficient trash, trash so efficient it is transformed back into valuable resources by the magic of a Soft Green recycling truck. They believe in trickle-up environmentalism, the notion that what you save in your more efficient refrigerator will become savings at the power plant, which will become savings at the coal mine.

Overfishing Imposes A Heavy Toll By WILLIAM J. BROAD and ANDREW C. REVKIN
New York Times, July 29, 2003, Section D1 – Science Times
Pages 1-2

Most of the earth's surface is covered by oceans, and their vastness and biological bounty were long thought to be immune to human influence. But no more. Scientists and marine experts say decades of industrial-scale assaults are taking a heavy toll.

More than 70 percent of commercial fish stocks are now considered fully exploited, overfished or collapsed. Sea birds and mammals are endangered. And a growing number of marine species are reaching the precariously low levels where extinction is considered a real possibility.