Ritzer, George. The McDonaldization of Society
an Investigation into the Changing Character of Contemporary Social Life

United States: 1990
ISBN 0803990766
Pages 199 through 203

Avoid classes with short-answer tests graded by computer.

If a computer-graded exam is unavoidable, make extraneous marks and curl the edges of the exam so that the computer cannot deal with it.

Seek out small classes; get to know your professors.

Instead of using a “McChild” -care center, leave your child with a responsible neighbor interested in earning some extra money.

Keep your children away from television as much as possible and encourage them to participate in creative games.

It is especially important that they not be exposed to the steady barrage of commercials from rationalized institutions, especially on Saturday morning cartoon shows.

Lead efforts to keep McDonaldization out of the school system.