Nancy Gaubatz, “A Lesson for Efficient Living,”
The Christian Science Monitor, March 26, 2003
Pages 1-2

I was working for the most efficient man on earth.

He as a motivational speaker, and vice president of a large company. I was his assistant, which meant that when he needed to be efficient, I had to take up the slack. As it was, I would never have been able to practice the efficient way of living that he preached. I thought he did, and my work seemed really important. I woke from that illusion the day that he decided to get married—in the office.

He had been dating a woman for a year. She was kind and young, with large eyes and long legs. The thing that impressed him most about her, though, was that she was so impressed with him. She didn’t seem to mind making dates to see him over the phone with me. I had never seen her before the day she was to be married. She looked smart in her white pantsuit and white pumps. A real business beauty.

“Nancy, can you come here a moment please?” my boss called from his office. When I went in, he continued. “We don’t have much time. I have an 11:30 with Mr. Stevens. So sally and I are getting married in the conference room. Would you care to be her maid of honor?”

“Uh, uh, well I, uh, suppose I could uh.”

“Great. Conference room across from Miller’s desk in two minutes. I’m going to use the restroom now.”

As shocked and unnerved as I was by this proposal, I complied. I walked down the hall to the conference room. Phil, the head of accounting, was standing by someone I assumed was the judge performing the ceremony.

“I’m the best man. We’d just finished a meeting together and he asked me to be the best man and I thought, well, heck, why not!”

I smiled and stood quietly behind the bride to be. She smiled back at me.

“Isn’t this exciting? Hi, I’m Sally. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I know you must be busy.” She beamed.