Rechtschaffen, Stephan, Timeshifting
New York: 1996

ISBN 0385478496
Pages 54 and 139

There is such a significant difference in our lives when we are able to slow down, expand the moment, and become fully present for life around us. Then a walk in the woods, a game with our children, or a symphony by Beethoven can bring us to the same peak as parachuting. Smelling a flower, spending time in meditation, even doing household chores or eating a meal can be intensely pleasurable. Since most of our lives are not lived with the extensity of an Indy 500, think how much more rewarding it is to get most of our highs from everyday events....

Today, time is a measure both of productivity and efficiency. The more we work, we believe, the more we produce; the more we “use our time well,” the better our work will be. We are paid by the hour according to how much we can produce. Our recognition in money or fame is based on our productivity measured against time.