Robert M. Pirsig,  Lila
New York: November, 1991

ISBN 0553077376
Page 7

Phaedrus had met Rigel and Capella when rain from a September hurricane caused floods to break through canal walls and submerge buoys and jam locks with debris so that the entire canal had to be closed for two weeks.

Boats heading south from the Great Lakes were tied up and their crewmen had nothing to do.

Suddenly a space was created in everyone’s lives. An unexpected gap of time had opened up.

The reaction of everyone at first was frustration. To sit around and do nothing, that was just terrible.

The yachtsmen had been busy about their own private cruises not really wanting very much to speak to any one else, but now they had nothing better to do than sit around on their boats and talk to each other day after day.

Not trivially. In depth. Soon everyone was visiting somebody on somebody else’s boat. Parties broke out everywhere, simultaneously, all night long. Townspeople took an interest in the jam-up of boats, and some of them became acquainted with the sailors. Not trivially. In depth. And more parties broke out.