Karen Finley, Procrastinate
New York, 1993
ISBN 067187182X

The gentle art of procrastination is to enjoy putting off accomplishing something while people are waiting and calling. The pleasure is in having people wait for you. It is such a wonderful feeling to know people are waiting for us to finish, to start, to make a decision. Procrastinators will eventually accomplish the task. But time will pass and the deadline will be over and other work will just pile up.

Procrastination is very sexy, too. It’s like putting off an orgasm with a lot of foreplay. And finally when you do it, it’s such a relief. Procrastination is healthy. You don’t have to be depressed not to do something. You’re just careful with your time.

Procrastination earns you respect. People will assume you are so busy and in demand that you can’t possibly respond to them. When that happens, you will be more in demand and you will have more to procrastinate about.