Bass, Dorothy C.  Receiving the Day.
San Francisco: Jossey - Bass, 2000
ISBN 0787942871

Page 3

Busy people may think that what we need is a few more open boxes on the pages of our datebooks. But in fact that would provide only a flat and short-lived remedy, and not only because those boxes soon fill up like all the others. What we really need is time of a different quality.

We need the kind of time that is measured in a yearly round of feasts and fasts, in a life span that begins when a new-born is placed in her parents’ arms, and in a day that ends and begins anew as a line of darkness creeps across the edge of the earth.

This kind of time exists, but we have learned not to notice it. Our gaze is fixed instead on a datebook, some of us anxiously hoping to squeeze into its little boxes all that we must do, others weeping to see that so many of the pages are blank.