Kingwell, Mark. “Warning: The Topic Today is Boredom.”
Adbusters Autumn 98
Page 63-4

The culture in which we live is not one that happily tolerates boredom. The culture fears boredom, hates it. It banishes boredom in a growing firestorm of aural and visual excitement. But because our human brains are flexible sponges of neuronfiring wetware, we can take more and more stimulation all the time even if the price of that expansion of volume is the decline of substance, and desire. The imperative here is an ever-rising scale of stimulation, a special-effects arms race.

Learn to love your boredom. Most of us have one or two things we do which we don’t find boring. If possible, arrange to be paid for doing one of these. Call yourself a professional, and be happy. For the rest of life, find out what boredom has to teach you. It is a form of meditation, an opportunity to look deep within yourself. Stop heeding the voices clamoring to dispel your boredom. Do nothing. Listen to the sound of wanting a desire.