Pierce, Linda Breen. Simplicity.
U. S. A.: 2000
ISBN 0967206715

Page 23

If materialism is addictive, so is our desire for productivity and efficiency. We are constantly trying to milk the most out of each minute of the day -- on the phone while doing something else (like driving), driving instead of walking, reading the newspaper while eating breakfast, watching TV while helping our kids with their homework. Our love affair with productivity and efficiency generates busy, chattering minds.

We are like the lead robot character in the movie "Short Circuit," always clamoring for more input. Often we have trouble relaxing when we finally get some leisure time; we cannot easily escape the habit of working, thinking, and above all, saving time.

And we have plenty of company. When an addiction is the cultural norm, it is hard to realize we need help. After all, isn't everybody doing it? Gaining perspective on our condition is a real challenge when our society depends on our staying this way to continue its economic growth.