Doors 4 - SPEED - Speaker Transcript 
Doors of Perception 4 Speed Speaker Transcript
Juliet Schor: “Speeding-Up of Everyday Life”
Updated 18-12-1996

Let me briefly mention five principals of design that I think go along with the downshifting trend.

First of all they need less expensive versions of products, eco design is typically very upscale and therefore contradictory with the downshifted life style.

Second we need to stop continuously upscaling because downshifters are not, they are going in the opposite direction.

Third we need to give durability to products because downshifters are less into novelty and product turnover.They want something that lasts.

Fourth we need to emphasise function over symbolism. Downshifters are finding symbolic meaning outside of the consumer sphere, unlike people trapped in work and spend. They want function in their products, so we can stop advertising.

And finally downshifters are less oriented to speed and convenience. Time is what they have. They have gone from the ranks of the time poor and the money rich to the ranks of the time rich and the money poor.

I think we are to pay attention to that.