Moore, Thomas,  The Re-enchantment Of Everyday Life
New York, 1996
ISBN 0060172096

Pages 13 and 188

I once approached my wife with the idea of purchasing yet another machine to help make my work more efficient. I would have had to use family funds, and so I sought her opinion. “Yes,” she said, “it makes a lot of sense to be able to work a little faster, but for the same amount of money you could buy a beautiful rug for your studio.” I bought the rug.... If something in a town isn’t working, but the place does have enchantment, then the brokenness is not so serious and may not even need attention. An enchanting house may not have running water, and enchanting city may not have an efficient bus system, and an enchanting person may be out of work or lying in a hospital bed. Good functioning is not the primary value in a soulful life.